Spring Must-Have: Pink Dress Shirt

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Embrace a little more color during Spring & Summer.

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Pair it with a cotton or linen sport coat for an easy warm-weather look.

Wear pink confidently

As I’ve grown and developed my style, I always try and look back to a time where I was just learning. A lot has changed. Most of what I lacked back then was confidence. I had no interest in wearing things outside my comfort zone.

Given the option, some men wouldn’t even consider wearing a pink dress shirt outside of a required uniform. The color pink has long had the connotation of being effeminate. At the risk of looking like they don’t chew leather or rub dirt on their cuts, most men stand firmly on the reasoning that wearing pink is reserved for women.

Like most things in men’s style, we typically associate colors with an appropriate season. The pink dress shirt is one of those garments whose popularity rises during the spring and summer months. Though it’s a welcomed change from your typical white or light blue, the pink shirt in a poplin or oxford cloth is as versatile all year round as it is during the warmer months.

Pink is great for any skin tone. Gentlemen with a darker complexion generally look good in lighter shades. Think sun-faded rose or light blush tones. Fairer skinned guys (or if you haven’t gotten that summer tan yet) will fair better with darker shades. Explore a color like a peach or light salmon color. If you’re unsure, a standard university striped oxford will work on just about every man.

| WEARING | Cotton/Linen Sportcoat (Similar), Bonobos Daily Grind Dress Shirt, Suitopia Suit Pants, Tan Suede Double monk (Similar) | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Victoria Saperstein

I love pairing a pale pink dress shirt with a light tan colored jacket. A jacket like this is so versatile that it can easily be paired with blue or brown trousers as well. In spring, there’s not much a cotton/linen sport coat can’t work with. I particularly love this one for its interesting herringbone texture.

Wearing a tie can feel formal, but not when it’s a summery silk knit. Brian has talked at length about the versatility of the silk knit. This green and pink combination is unexpected, but works well. Don’t be afraid of trying uncommon color pairings when you’re wearing a pink dress shirt. Think of it like you would a blue or white dress shirt.

Rather than your typical loafer, reaching for these tan suede double monk loafers was an easy seasonal choice. Worn with loafer socks of course, it’s great change up to your typical brown leather loafers. The red brick soles keeps them on the casual side, which is perfect for this overall look.

What do you think of this look? Will you wear pink this year?

Stylishly Yours,

Steven D. Elliott
He Spoke Style


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  • Adam

    is that blazer fit a bit tight?

  • Tom B


    Great article, and some good looks in your photos. You’re “feeling more comfortable in your skin” and it shows. Thank you for pointing up the versatility of a pink shirt – it really goes with everything and looks great on any skin/body type. Guys just need the stones to wear it. Believe it or not, pink was the “manly” color up until WW2 or so. Pink is a subtler note of the military red. And you’re right, pink stripes is a good way to start. Solid pink also looks great (just don’t do a over-preppy contrasting white collar, cripes!). Very easy to match up with tie, pocket square, pants, etc. And the ladies dig it, you’ll always get a look and a smile.

    For what it’s worth, J. Crew makes a wonderful seersucker pink-striped men’s shirt, my go-to for summer. Well, it was – I just put a hole in mine while lighting the charcoal grill…sparks flying up and onto my sleeve… I use a MAPP gas torch to light the grill, lots of sparks!. Anyway, I’ll get a new one at next good sale, in the meantime the “holy” one will be my BBQ/sailing/lawn mowing shirt. Point is that pink is EXTREMELY versatile, everything from a business meeting to nearly lighting yourself on fire :)

    Best regards,


    P.S. The blazer fits fine, shoulders are on point. I think Adam is overly worrying about the button on the bottom photo. Great pocket square, complements your tie.

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  • Anthony Thomas

    Perfect professional look…


  • Harri

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