MTailor Review: An App That’s Better Than A Tailor?

Can a custom clothing app really be more accurate than a tailor?

When I first saw Miles Penn on ABC’s Shark Tank, I like everyone on the show thought he was a jackass. INC called him the “most arrogant person in Shark Tank History,” and Mark Cuban, who isn’t exactly known for his modesty told Penn, “You may be even more arrogant than I was, if that’s possible.” Even Daymond John, who is known as “The People’s Shark,” finished the segment by telling Penn to “just go away.”

But watching it, I still felt that perhaps Penn was onto something. In the segment, he spoke of an algorithm he created as a student at Stanford. According to Penn, the software can accurately measure any man with more precision than even the most experienced tailor. That’s a damn bold claim. I had to see for myself.

mtailor review

Despite Penn’s ego and overwhelmingly uncomfortable presentation on Shark Tank, he has been nothing short of a gentleman in my dealings with him. He’s the only CEO I’ve ever dealt with that sends me an email just to wish me a good weekend.

But attitude, charisma and arrogance aside, I don’t really care what Penn is like. All I care about is the quality, the craftsmanship, and the fit of these made-to-measure shirts from Penn’s online retailer,

mtailor review

MTailor sent us a number of shirts. They sent me a custom shirt which I used their app to measure myself with shortly after the Shark Tank episode aired. They sent me a new shirt a few weeks ago, again using the sizing algorithm from their app. They also sent the HSS office some shirts so we could see the quality.

Let me be the first to commend Penn on the creation of his software. The shirts I received from MTailor are, arguably, some of the best fitting shirts I’ve ever been sent from an online MTM brand – and believe me, I have a closet full.

mtailor review

Penn’s innovative measuring software is likely a home run that even the most established menswear purveyors and heritage makers would be interested in. I’ve never met a tailor who could accurately measure my 5’6” awkwardly overweight and still somehow slender frame in under a minute.

Now, if the quality of the materials used in the shirt and the craftsmanship of the shirt were as good as the fit, then MTailor has indeed won the World Series of online MTM shirtmaking.

Unfortunately, that’s just not the case.

mtailor review

The fabric is some of the worst we’ve seen in the online MTM category. Although Penn told me in our interview that many of the finer menswear brands use the same manufacturer as he does, when I pushed for names and details he clammed up.

In all of the shirts MTailor sent, we found them to resemble the papery feeling of a poorly made suit that uses a fused polyester lining. My three-year-old once rubbed sandpaper on my arm, and it was slightly more comfortable than the MTailor shirts. The one Penn sent after his debut on Shark Tank has hung in the back of the closet after being worn just once, only to make its second reappearance the other day when writing this article.

mtailor review

Penn may have the right to be arrogant after creating such a novel measuring system. If he were smart, he would follow the advice he got in the Shark Tank and license the software to other brands who actually make a product worth buying. Despite hitting a homer with the algorithm, the shirts from MTailor have actually earned a rather epic accolade. They are, all things considered, the worst made-to-measure shirts we’ve ever seen.

Pricing: $69-89
1.5 out of 5 stars

Chime in: Have you had any experience with MTailor?

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

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  • Avin Jones

    Thanks for the recon on MTailor. I almost pulled the trigger, but never received a favorable assessments. Again the Idea is great but the application is fu3k54. Do you have any online MTM shirt makers that you do recommend?

    • Brian Sacawa

      No problem, Avin. J.A. could chime in with a few suggestions for online MTM shirts, but as for me, I’ve never gone that way. I prefer going to a custom clothier in person. Once they have your pattern, then you can order your next via phone, email or carrier pigeon and know it’ll arrive fitting perfectly.

  • muskan
  • Christian Christensen

    I’ve got 3 shirts and one suit from them and have been pretty happy.
    The clothes have some of the best fit to them that I’ve ever seen, and the customer service from Mtailor has been great. My first jacket was a little tight in the arms, and they sent a new one free of charge, no questions asked.

    I’m not a fabric expert in any way, but when feeling it and comparing it to my shirts from Jos A Banks or other, I find it fairly comparable. Maybe not quite as soft. But I’ve been happy with them for every day use.

    What I like is that I don’t have to do any measuring etc. App takes care of it all.
    But would love to hear suggestions for other MTM companies.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Nice to hear you had a positive experience. If you ever treat yourself to Thomas Mason fabric, as one example, I’ll wager you’ll never be able to go back. We’ve got more online MTM reviews in the works so stay tuned!

  • Robert M

    Great read! And thanks for the review.

    I have such a difficult time finding a good fitting shirt. Usually they are tight in the chest and arm pit. I haven’t received my shirt yet. I prefer a more cotton feel in a shirt, but I don’t want to pay $150 for a shirt.

    As for pants most off the rack want to put the fit across my stomach and because of my beer belly I prefer to wear pants lower on my hips. I did receive a pair of jeans and they fit perfectly and the fabric feels good. Not a thick denim which I like also.

  • Edward Dionne

    Great fit. Can’t wait to order more. Use code hfqwjljyvf for $20 off your first order

    • Dave

      Another fake review followed by a $20 off promo. Really?

      • Edward Dionne

        And what makes my review fake? If the code didnt work, that simply makes it expired.

        • Bob marley

          Edward Dionne: Don’t worry about that Dave guy. He’s saying everybody’s comments are fake! He must have a grudge against this company or maybe he’s just one of those guys that think “they thought of this idea first” or something.
          I mean I thought of Facebook first but u dont see me trolling Mark Zuckerberg!!

          • Shaun Oster

            Lol come on Bob. You know you work there. Maybe you should have named yourself Ghandi. LOL

          • Shaun Oster

            However, now that we have gotten that straight (lol) can you address the complaints about the sandpaper shirt fabric? I like the softest flannel in existence with a little stretch. Do you have other materials like this?

  • Jorge

    I bought one shirt to try it out. I have to agree that the cloth was poor quality. The fit was nothing better than I could get anywhere of a shelf in any store. Sleeves were a bit too short. Until the product improves I have to plan to buy an MTailor shirt again. The measuring system is just a gimmick at best. (My experience)

  • Yong Li

    Bottom line is that it doesn’t fit. Ordered a shirt of $95 and it doesn’t fit. My tummy is bulging out of the shirt. What? Does this software specifically discriminate middle-aged people with tummies? So disappointed. Don’t fall into the trap by using this app.

    • Robert Achmann

      try shirts, they are great

  • Dave M

    I ordered a pair of jeans from MTailor and they are the best fitting jeans I have ever worn in my life. I received many complements on the jeans.
    Also, the quality of the material is very good with a bit of stretch in them. I am 5′ 6″ with big thighs so I can’t begin to tell you how difficult it has always been to find jeans that fit without having them tailored for another $50 after I paid $50 to $75 for the jeans. At my height, you can’t find a 28 inseam so everything I purchase has to be hemmed. I just ordered two more pairs… stay tuned.

    • Dave

      Those are the EXACT words that are spoken by an actor on the TV ad. Couldn’t you be a bit more creative when writing your fake review?

      • Bob marley

        Why do u believe he is making up his experience? What’s the point? Like one (1) comment on here is gonna make or break this product.
        Anyways, I’m interested in trying this app. Does anyone know If you can get your shirts made with better materials than the material that this article was saying didn’t feel good???

  • 3citiesman

    I’d try out MTailor if the clothes weren’t made by “Tailors” (Children) in Bangladesh who are paid $1 a day.

    • Bob marley

      They are made in Singapore! In a town called Punggol. By hard working men and women. All age 18 and over! They make decent wages. Anywhere from the equivalent of $10/Hour to $25/hr

      • Mykle

        Where’s this information?

    • Rodney M


  • Adeel Anwar

    Saw their ads and was extremely impressed and confused when they said they could measure better than a tailor(20% at that) where do they get such a figure? But clothing that feels like sandpaper, I’ll pass. If he was getting the stuff made by manufacturers that supply top brands, he’d have a name.

  • T_Rez

    To date, I have ordered 6 pieces of clothing from MTailor (a pair of jeans, two dress shirts, suit pants and a suit jacket). The claim it is more accurate than an in-person tailor has, sort of, been my experience. Fit-wise, the dress shirts have been a success. I honestly don’t think I have worn a dress shirt that fits as well as they do. That being said, of the 6 pieces of clothing I have ordered, I have had to have two of them remade .. the jeans and the suit jacket. And honestly, it wasn’t close. They both needed some pretty significant adjusting. I will say, MTailor has been pretty great making that happen for me. I just sent an email with pictures of the fit and a replacement was getting worked on pronto. They do not ask for the article of clothing back, they make a new one and send it to you. So that has been pretty awesome. So, in terms of fit, good, not great, and the response from them has been awesome when things aren’t right.