Luisaviaroma Style Lab: Endless Summer

Although we previewed Luisaviaroma’s fall collection, the second look I put together for our Style Lab collaboration doesn’t feel particularly like fall. It’s a nod to those early autumn Indian summer days that make you wonder whether you really should have put your summer clothing away. Like the first look, this one was all about exercising restraint, highlighting classic pieces, and accessorizing smartly.

Luisaviaroma Style Lab - He Spoke Style

Luisaviaroma Style Lab - He Spoke Style

| WEARING | Dsquared2 shirt and chinos, North Skull and Le Gramme bracelets, Lanvin sneakers | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Matteo Cesari & Robin West | ASSISTED | by Markus Fowler and Daniel Frank of

Obviously, this look is all about the chinos. There were many pieces by Dsquared2 in the collection that caught my eye and the color of these chinos really stood out. They’re a perfect summer-fall transition piece. Add a charcoal blazer for more of an autumn look.

Luisaviaroma Style Lab - He Spoke Style

Luisaviaroma Style Lab - He Spoke Style

Luisaviaroma Style Lab - He Spoke Style

The right accessories can make a good simple outfit a great one. A few well-appointed bracelets keep it casual and balanced. I love details that reveal themselves only upon closer inspection. Look closely and you’ll notice some subtle macabre features on the bracelets, which help tie them together with the python-embossed Lanvin slip-on sneakers. Edgy, without being over the top, and in your face.

Luisaviaroma Style Lab - He Spoke Style

Luisaviaroma Style Lab - He Spoke Style

How about this location? It’s an old abandoned tobacco factory, Ex-Manifattura Tabbachi. Between the fascist architecture and the numerous dead bird carcasses laying around the grounds – I thought the pink flamingos were a particularly ironic touch (R.I.P. Don Featherstone) – let’s just say it was a bit creepy. Matteo, Markus and Daniel from, and the rest of the team deserve some major pats on the back for enduring this location shoot!

Luisaviaroma Style Lab - He Spoke Style

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Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style

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  • DJ Hargrave

    I agree, its all about the chinos here. Gotta love the sneakers too, slip-on sneakers are the new trainer for summer!


    • Brian Sacawa

      Yeah, I totally could have said this was all about the shoes!

  • Seth Nelson

    Cool look. This will help. I’m in the middle of summer outfits not.

    And very cool venue! Amazing lighting, and the sparse spaces complement your clean style here.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks, Seth! Glad these photos are resonating with people as they’re much more editorial than our usual fare.

  • Wayne Newman

    Love the chinos & slip ons! Great look!

    • Brian Sacawa

      Simple and easy. Cheers, Wayne.

  • The Kentucky Gent

    LOVE those Lanvin sneakers, perfect combo of cool + put together.

    Josh | The Kentucky Gent

    • Brian Sacawa

      They’re pretty sweet. Cheers, Josh.

  • Igwedinma Okafor

    The location you chose to shoot in is absolutely refreshing compared to the usual photo scheme you exhibit. The sneakers are definitely a must have for me. You look very relaxed. It is also nice to see you wear color. It looks good on you.

    Igee Okafor
    Style Enthusiast/Blogger

    • Brian Sacawa

      Cheers, Igwedinma. We deliberately shoot in real world environments most of the time. HSS is all about real style for real guys. Our content is designed to be approachable and attainable. I want my readers to say, “Hey, I like that. I think I could do that too.” We’re not here to take catalog photos.

      Though, when we have the opportunity to branch out a little and be a more artistic and creative, that’s always fun!

  • Alok Singh

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