The Essential Khaki Suit, Part 1

When spring arrives and the temperatures start to warm up, there is no better suit for the season than a khaki cotton suit. The lighter fabric is perfect for spring weather but can definitely work hard for you all the way through the summer months as well. Here is the first in a series of three ways to wear a khaki suit.

Essential Khaki Suit - He Spoke Style

Just like a pair of khaki chinos, a khaki suit can be seen as a blank canvas. There are literally so many different ways to approach a look, it was difficult for me to choose just a few ways to show it.

That said, I have been a big fan of monochromatic looks lately. I love their crispness, simplicity, and elegance. It is refreshing to keep it clean, basic, and extra subtle every once in a while and it can definitely be an unexpected way to make a surprisingly bold statement.

Essential Khaki Suit - He Spoke Style

Essential Khaki Suit - He Spoke Style

When keeping everything in a look in the same color family, an easy way to break up the monotony is to include accessories with subtle or interesting patterns. A club tie or perforated brogue style shoe, for example, are great choices.

Essential Khaki Suit - He Spoke Style

While a khaki suit looks great put together, if you have one you also have a couple of great separates as well. The jacket alone is an extremely versatile piece.

Essential Khaki Suit - He Spoke Style

Essential Khaki Suit - He Spoke Style

This Look: Khaki poplin suit by Brooks Brothers (Suiting Essentials) – White shirt by H&M (similar here) – Vintage brown club tie by Bill Blass (similar here) – Silver tie bar by The Tie Bar – Walnut calf cap-toe lace up shoes c/o Allen Edmonds (Strand) – Walnut calf dress belt c/o Allen Edmonds (Manistee) – Pocket square with chocolate border by The Tie Bar – Sunglasses by Ray-Ban (Clubmaster)

Thanks for reading.

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He Spoke Style

Photography by Rob McIver Photo.


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  • Mxolisi Ngonelo

    I think it was on Twitter yesterday that I came across your profile and decided to check out your blog. It’s fresh, I think I have been viewing the same blogs for such a long time that everything that just became stagnant. What a breath of fresh air your blog, style and content are. I’m going to be checking more of it everyday. Better yet, I am going to include you in my blogroll.

    Keep up the great work.

    Kind regards

    • Brian

      Thanks, Mxolisi. Really appreciate that.

  • Paul

    I couldn’t agree more regarding the versatility of the khaki suit. I own a very modern slim fit khaki suit that I really love. I only wish I had opted to put cuffs on the trousers. Every time I see a picture of one with a nice 2 inch cuff I regret not doing that myself!

    Anyway, I couldn’t make it through the summer with my khaki suit. I recently purchased a very nice light olive “khaki” suit from Barneys. It’s not quite as versatile as the tan khaki but there are still quite a few shirt/tie combinations that work with it as well.

    Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to future entries.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks for the comments, Paul. And thanks for reading.

  • Chris

    What about white bucks and a bow tie for a South Louisiana wedding? Hot as hell down here, even after Labor Day!!! Thanks!

  • Timm

    Great post! I will have to get one for myself.

    Looking at the first two pictures reminds me of a small issue I do stumble upon eventually and that is where to put your sunglasses if you don’t need to wear them?

    My guess is that you would just “hold them in your hand”, as in your second picture, but to me it feels kind of like “what should I be doing with this thing?”. Maybe also because I would like to have empty hands and it could get annoying if you need to carry them for quite some time.
    Putting it in the breast pocket makes the suit crinkle and wearing it unbuttoned shouldn’t be the option to go for, should it?

    Any advice would be gladly appreciated


  • Jason Rabe

    i’ve heard that these brooks brothers suits are not very modern in the fit. how much altering did you do to the suit? it looks slimmer than the catalog pics