Rules of Style According to Justus Hansen

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White buttons on a DB blazer make it a little less formal and a lot more versatile.

20 rules to live by courtesy of one of the kings of Instagram style

You know when you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and you happen upon that dude who makes you think, man that guy is my style brother from another mother?

That’s how we feel about Justus Hansen, one of the most stylish Instagrammers we know.

Fans of The Wire will remember one of Omar Little’s famous quotes: a man got to have a code. Now, there are the so-called rules of style, but the real rules of style – or the rules of real style – are set by the individual who knows the rules, but then knows when and how to break them.

Here are more than a few things you can learn from Justus Hansen’s style.

Rule No. 1:

When being in Düsseldorf ? – shot by @isabelhayn – chelsea boots by @ludwig_reiter – jacket by @levis_germany

A photo posted by Justus F. Hansen (@justusf_hansen) on

Killer luggage makes all the difference when traveling.

Rule No. 2:

A denim jacket is your “blazer with an edge.

Rule No. 3:

So that’s what they call a three piece.. – great shot by @isabelhayn – tie by @serafinesilk – shirt by @etonshirts

A photo posted by Justus F. Hansen (@justusf_hansen) on

…And it’s also the perfect layering piece.

Rule No. 4:

Have at least one watch in your collection that’s worth your time.

Rule No. 5:

A scarf is both aesthetic and practical. If your styling leans towards the former on any particular early-fall or late-spring day, that’s totally fine. Layer it up!

Rule No. 6:

Fuck it. Untuck it.

Rule No. 7:

When having @isabelhayn on board for Pitti ’90 ?? – suited by @sirofsweden – shirt & accessories by @etonshirts

A photo posted by Justus F. Hansen (@justusf_hansen) on

Can’t wear sneakers with a suit? Really? Who said that? Never heard of ’em.

Rule No. 8:

Always enjoying my time with @jj88fashionist ?? – shirt & tie by @etonshirts

A photo posted by Justus F. Hansen (@justusf_hansen) on

Stick to a classic menswear color palette. It actually has the effect of making you stand out in a sea of peacocks.

Rule No. 9:

| Patterns | – great shot by @isabelhayn ! – tie by @serafinesilk – shirt by @etonshirts – blazer by “Baldessarini”

A photo posted by Justus F. Hansen (@justusf_hansen) on

Never, ever, be afraid to mix patterns.

Rule No. 10:

Casual Friday – stunning close-up by @isabelhayn ! – bracelets by @trillium_beads

A photo posted by Justus F. Hansen (@justusf_hansen) on

Sometimes a paisley tie is just what the doctor ordered.

Rule No. 11:

Great honor to have my stunning pair of @ludwig_reiter Chelsea Boots shared on @menwithfootwear !

A photo posted by Justus F. Hansen (@justusf_hansen) on

Chelsea boots are incredibly stylish and comfortable. Invest in a great pair and wear them often.

Rule No. 12:

White buttons make a navy double-breasted blazer less formal and more versatile.

Rule No. 13:

My dentist says, I got a houndstooth problem … – ? shirt by @etonshirts – ? blazer by @ralphlauren

A photo posted by Justus F. Hansen (@justusf_hansen) on

Houndstooth is your friend, not a dental problem.

Rule No. 14:

A belt is never completely necessary.

Rule No. 15:

Make the right kinds of friends.

Rule No. 16:

| Summer Stories | @menwithclass

A photo posted by Justus F. Hansen (@justusf_hansen) on

Go a little further than the average guy.

Rule No. 17:

Know when to have a little fun with fashion.

Rule No. 18:

| 100 % ? | ➡️ visit for even more inspiration! ?- Caption by the Amazing @isabel_hayn ?

A photo posted by Justus F. Hansen (@justusf_hansen) on

A denim shirt with a cutaway collar could possibly be the best investment you haven’t made.

Rule No. 19:

Nothing is smoother than a turtleneck under a blazer.

Rule No. 20:

White denim FTW.

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style

Photos via @justusf_hansen

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  • DJ Hargrave

    Using a denim jacket as a blazer *fire emoji*

    Giving this cat a follow.

    DJ | Menswear Influencer

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    • Brian Sacawa

      You won’t regret it.

  • Kris

    Current man crush, Brian?

    • Brian Sacawa

      Like I said, style brother from another mother. One of the more inspiring dudes on IG. And this is actually the first post in a new series highlighting some of the most stylish guys we know out there.

      • Kris

        Love it! I look forward to seeing who else you highlight!

        • Brian Sacawa

          Stay tuned!

  • beardedman

    Ugh. Well, taste and style are two different things my friend. Way too Pitti Uomo for me. And if you’re going to wear a Calatrava, take the hippie beads off first! Cheers!

  • rhone04

    i got that Vans!

  • benjaminsaccaggi

    “fuck it. Untuck it’ = new life motto