Get Rich Quick: Jewel Tones for Fall

Any conversation about the elements of fall style will likely focus on a few key things: layering, fabrics, and textures. Certainly some of my favorite fall style components, but let’s talk about something usually reserved for discussions about foliage: color. And, more specifically, jewel tones. There’s nothing sharper in the fall than the addition of some rich jewel tones. Here’s one way to incorporate them into your look.

Mums - He Spoke Style

| WEARING | Uniqlo blazer, Vintage YSL waistcoat, Shirt c/o Eton, A.P.C. jeans, Goorin Bros. hat, Brooks Brothers tie, Beams Plus scarf, Pocket square c/o Bows N Ties, GothamSmith cuff links, Timex watch, Boots c/o Allen Edmonds | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Accent a classic menswear color palate of blues and browns with rich colors like burgundy and deep blues and greens. The right accessories are key and you can never go wrong with a scarf, hat, and tie – even for a sharp casual look.

Don’t be afraid to combine fabrics from opposite ends of the spectrum. A mix of wools and silks can add a richness, depth, and interest to any fall ensemble.

Mums - He Spoke Style

Mums - He Spoke Style

Are you incorporating jewel tones into your style this fall?

Thanks for reading.

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He Spoke Style


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  • Igal Reysher

    Wow love this fall outfit, great combination.
    Love all the details of this outfit, especially the scarf.

    see my new post at

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks so much, Igal. Good to see you around!

  • Paco A.

    omg! I could totally wear this, the scarf is beautiful.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Cheers, Paco. Thanks for reading.

  • Aweda

    This look is well put together. its such a pity i really cannot layer that much here even though its almost hamarttan season. The accessories work together to enrich the vibe of the outfit.

    Cheers !


    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks, as always, Aweda!

  • Arcadia

    I’m so loving the styling on this look! I wish you lived in San Francisco, I would love to have you as a guest speaker for my class. I teach fashion styling and visual merchandising at City College of SF, and more and more boys are joining my classes. This semester I have seven young men, which is actually quite a lot, considering I usually have two in a class of 59 girls!

    You would be such an inspiration to the men as well as ladies on dressing well. I’m forever telling my boys to pull up their pants!!!

    • Brian Sacawa

      If I’m ever out in SF, let’s try to hook that up.

  • Sourav

    Hello Brian,

    I’ve been following you on Google+ for quite some time now and really learn a lot from your posts.

    That’s a very nice look. Specially the blazer and jeans. Where can I get this exact same blazer? I checked the Uniqlo online store, but could not find this one.


    • Brian Sacawa

      Hi, Sourav. Great to know we’ve got some fans on G+. This blazer was from last year’s collection and it doesn’t appear that they have a similar color this year.

  • James

    I LOVE those Daltons. How do you care for them? Do you use any polish or cremes?

    • Brian Sacawa

      James, I probably don’t care for them as well as I should, considering how often I wear them. I get them shined occasionally, but other than that I don’t do much else.