Day-Night Transition - He Spoke Style
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Day-Night Transition

Day-Night Transition

I frequently get questions from readers looking for ways to dress for work that will transition well to a Friday evening out. And that evening out has ranged from just heading to happy hour with a few friends right after work to a proper date night with someone special or someone you’re meeting for the first time. Though those are two completely different situations, you’ll want to look sharp and put together for either one. And in the case of a first date, you definitely don’t want to appear as though you’re trying too hard. Here’s some inspiration for a seamless day-night transition.

Day-Night Transition Style - He Spoke Style

Get the Look

If your workplace has a relaxed dress code or participates in Casual Friday, this is a look that will cover all the bases. Dress up a pair of slim dark denim with a well-tailored blazer. And think seasonally when it comes to your shirt and tie. Rather than the usual dress shirt, choose a more rugged alternative and pair it with a simple textured wool tie.

For looks that are more or less monochromatic, use the opportunity to add some contrast and accents with your accessories. A patterned pocket square and scarf casually draped around your neck will make a stylish impression.

Day-Night Transition Style - He Spoke Style

Day-Night Transition Style - He Spoke Style

Day-Night Transition Style - He Spoke Style

Day-Night Transition Style - He Spoke Style

Day-Night Transition Style - He Spoke Style

This Look: Navy blazer c/o Reiss (more options here) – Blue chambray shirt by J.Crew – Jeans by A.P.C. (New Standard) – Charcoal grey wool tie c/o Banana Republic – Brown plaid scarf by Gap (old, similar here) – Patterned pocket round by E. Bannister for He Spoke Style (similar here) – Watch with brown leather strap by Timex – Brown leather belt c/o Banana Republic – Dark brown wingtip dress boots c/o Allen Edmonds (Dalton)

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

He Spoke Style

Photography by Rob McIver Photo.

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  1. Fabulous look. Love your shoes and scarf!

  2. Those boots like damn good man.

    • Can’t go wrong with the Allen Edmonds Daltons. Thanks for reading.

  3. Man, I love the chombray shirt + wool tie situation. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Philip

    I had never realised what a scarf can add to a look. Thanks for the info.

    • Definitely one of my favorite ways to add a little something extra to a look when it’s cold out. Thanks for reading.

  5. Great look, love the scarf

  6. This outfit resembles such a relaxed tone that is suitable for most anything. What a great way to effectively fuse “party” with “work” ethic.

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