The Stories Behind These Flasks Are Just As Cool As They Are

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Every flask has a story.

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Detail from Chris's very first flask, which he acquired in the sixth grade.

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He wasn't a whiskey man yet, but having a flask with his initials on it was a must.

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Tin cups stored on top. Perhaps the greatest invention after the flask itself.

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Share photos and stories of flasks from your personal collection in the comments.

Our man Chris Sarangoulis shares stories of cool flasks from his collection

Would you believe me if I told you I purchased my first flask when I was in sixth grade? I had never even tasted whiskey but a flask with my initials on it was a must. And yes, I was in sixth grade.

That particular flask began to see actual service in high school college when my true appreciation of fine spirits began. I quickly realized the importance of the flask and understood its perfect partnership with whiskey.

So, it was only natural that as my whiskey appreciation deepened that I began to acquire more flasks. As I stare at my collection now, they are all like a favorite baseball cap or blue jeans and have their own story to tell.

While none of my flasks are sterling silver, titanium, or any other rare earth material, they are all personal and have aged along with me. Above all, they live a hard working life of whiskey delivery service. As they should, right?

Here are some of my personal favorites from the collection.

A Man’s First Flask

cool flasks collection

A whiskey man in the sixth grade? Must have been in my blood and I didn’t even know it at the time.

Size Matters

cool flasks collection

Small ones get the most use. Why? You can hide them easily. The square one had the last sip of whiskey I was ever able to share with my grandfather before he passed away. It was Blanton’s and at a little higher of proof he was accustomed to. Nearly killed him, but it was a great laugh. Sorry, Grandad!

A Custom Job

cool flasks collection

What to do with free time in college? I wrapped a crown royal bag around an oval flask. Voila! This came with me to every kegger in college. A lot of lips have touched this one, so I never open it anymore. It’s retired now…

The Two-In-One Flask

cool flasks collection

Two flasks in one? In my mid-20s This flask solidified my position as a whiskey aficionado among my friends. When I carried this one, I would fill one flask with a really good whiskey and the other with a bad whiskey so I’d have an impromptu tasting ready to go right there on my hip. Who can tell me what the good one is and why? It was a lot of fun with such a unique flask.

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Cups Included

cool flasks collection

This flask has marked countless celebratory toasts including at my best friend’s bachelor party – I was his best man.

Look For a Value

cool flasks collection

Don’t forget to to look for whiskey that comes with a free flask! I bought this set in my last year of college just for the flask, then gave the bottle away to a friend. One reckless night we ended up drinking the entire bottle in one sitting. Now every time I use this flask I remind myself never to get that gift set again. Is anybody’s favorite scotch Speyburn?

Share stories (and photos) of your favorite flasks in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Chris Sarangoulis
He Spoke Style

Photography by Rob McIver Photo


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  • VitaminCM

    I only have one. Plain silver metal. Simple and functional. This article makes me feel like less of a man somehow.

    • Chris Sarangoulis

      One is all you need! It’s just a hobby for me. I bet if you hang on to your flask it will have a lot of stories to tell down the road.

      • VitaminCM

        I generally love people talking about the things in their weird collections and the stories attached. When their collection is built of things that secretly carry whiskey into places where you should not – count me IN.
        And yes, mine does have a few stories.

        • Brian Sacawa

          Well, let’s hear ’em! And let’s see a photo of the flask.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Agree with Chris. One is definitely all you need! Except if you happen to lose it, then it’s good to have at least two. I lost one of my favorite flasks several months ago. It was a small pocket-sized, round stainless steel version. I miss it.

  • Daren Wagner

    Sheyburn?! Actually have an aged bottle sitting in my scotch box. After a trip to Scotland this summer I have fallen in love with the mellow sweetness of Sheyburn. If you appreciate the array of single malt scotch, I highly recommend adding this single malt highland bottle to your collection.