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If you own a dress shirt, chances are you’ve got a set of collar stays. Most shirts you buy will come with a set of cheap plastic collar stays, which are not very effective. If you haven’t already, it’s time to make a small investment and upgrade your style with a set of metal collar stays. Here are a few recommendations.

Why upgrade to metal collar stays? The function of collar stays are to keep your shirt collar in place as well as to give the collar some structure. Since plastic collar stays are just about as flimsy as the fabric that they’re inserted into, they aren’t much help in this area. Metal collar stays, on the other hand, have a heft to them that keep your collar flat and rigid.

Recommendations for Collar Stays

Collar Stays - He Spoke Style

1. Brooks Brothers Collar Stay Set, $85
This is the set I own. You get 18 collar stays total—two sets of 2″, five sets of 2.5″, and two sets of 3″—which should have you covered for any situation. These are incredibly sturdy and will last forever. The leather case is also a classy touch. Worth the investment in every way.

2. Brooks Brothers Adjustable Collar Stays, $30
If you’re not ready to spring for the handsome set above or are looking for a smaller set for travel, these adjustable ones will do the trick. They’re not quite as heavy as the other ones, but with four different settings they’re incredibly versatile.

3. Turnbull & Asser Mother of Pearl Collar Stays, $75
I’m a big fan of special details for special occasions—even if they’re details you don’t see. A set of mother of pearl collar stays that you pull out exclusively for black tie events or special occasions is a small way to help make you feel a little more luxe.

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  • Ian

    Thanks Brian, that’s something I wouldn’t give much thought to but I will now. Its the little details that make all the difference. Ian

  • Dan J.

    While I concur with the recommendation to go with metal collar stays, I’m not sure why you’d pay $85 for 18 of them. I purchased 36 stays in three sizes for $7 off Amazon. They’re made of thick, sturdy stainless steel. They don’t rust or discolor, they don’t bend. I’m all for quality and the finer things in life but I don’t see paying over twelve hundred percent more for a name when there’s no effective difference in the product or how it works.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Good sugggestion, Dan. Thanks for reading.

  • danshobiz

    Great tip Brian, and I agree with Dan J.’s recommendation. I also suggest picking up a pack of Neodymium magnets (under $20 on Amazon) to keep the collars further anchored. Puts an end to disappearing collar syndrome when going tieless.

    New viewer here btw and really enjoy the posts, especially how you redeploy items like jackets for different situations and combinations.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Glad you found the blog. Thanks for the compliments and thanks for reading.

  • Kevin

    After reading this post, I went out and purchase the Brooks Brothers Collar Stay Set. I found them at the Brooks Brothers Outlet store for $65 if anybody else wanted to purchase them. They are great quality!

  • Seth Nelson

    Thanks for the blog, Brian! I am new here, and enjoying playing catch up. I was very happy to discover metal collar stays a couple of months ago. Brilliant. Seeing the travel stays raised some questions in my mind. Do you keep them in the shirts when not using them? Do you have stays for each shirt, or do you find yourself changing them out before/after each wear? I assume they ought to be removed when being washed. Any other tips?

    • Brian Sacawa

      Hi, Seth! Great to randomly see you as well! I remove the stays from the collar after each wear. It helps me keep track of them much better. And, yes, always remove them before washing. The thing I like about this set from Brooks Brothers, is that there are three different lengths. I’ve not had an instance where I’ve needed a smaller, or longer one yet! Cheers.

  • AboveTheAnkles

    A world without collar stays would completely suck, I love the Brooks Brothers Adjustable Collar Stays, for $30 you can’t go wrong

  • Noel

    Like article.
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