How To

Over the Shoulder Scarf Toss

With winter just around the corner and temperatures taking a definite turn towards the lower half of the thermometer, it's time to break out the scarves. During the late-fall and winter months, there is no better or more stylish accessory to kick any outfit up a notch than a great scarf. There are many ways to tie a scarf and here is one of the easiest: the over the shoulder scarf toss.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

How to Dress for a Summer Wedding: City Edition

Summer wedding season is currently in full effect and chances are you're probably attending one yourself. With such a variety of approaches to wedding ceremonies and venues, it can be difficult to know what's appropriate to wear for any given celebration. To offer a little inspiration, here is the first in a series of three posts on how to dress for a summer wedding.  VIEW MORE ▶︎