Mustang Unleashed

My very first car was a Ford Mustang. A 1989 two-door hatchback. It was red and pretty much the coolest car a 16-year-old kid in a high school rock band could have. Plenty of room for carting all my gear around, and plenty of style, which was helpful when chasing cute girls. I still remember going to the used car lot with my father to pick it up and drive it home. My father has always been a big fan of tradition, and what I found out on that trip was that his first car was a Mustang as well.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Challenging Limits

You can get by in life by just maintaining the status quo. By simply doing what's expected of you. But to be truly exceptional—to stand out and above—requires you to challenge limits, both those set by others and those you set for yourself. This doesn't mean constantly questioning authority or being an unapologetic rebel, necessarily, but rather having an inner drive that makes you strive relentlessly to be better than you are. Some people view limits as borders, others accept them as challenges.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Shakespeare in the Park

One of my favorite lines in Shakespeare's King Lear comes towards the end of Act 4, when the Earl of Gloucester declares, "The king is mad." While having no relation to David Simon's The Wire—which has been referred to as Dickensian, not Shakespearean—when Clarke Peters (fans of The Wire will remember him as Detective Lester Freaman) delivered that line at the opening night of Shakespeare in the Park's King Lear, I couldn't help but think of Omar Little's famous assertion: "Come at the king, you best not miss." Men's Style Blog Men's Style Guide Menswear Fashion Travel Lifestyle Cocktails Grooming He Spoke Style  VIEW MORE ▶︎