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Athleisure: Let’s Talk About It

If there's one thing you've probably learned by now, it's that I'm not very big on trends. There's a big difference between being on-trend/in-style and having style. A focus on trends as a form of personal style ensures that you're always chasing the next thing and will undoubtedly amass a collection of clothes that, after one season, will sit in your closet in perpetuity and leave you to ponder, "What was I thinking?" when you do finally get around to cleaning out said closet.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

The Mustache: Let’s Talk About It

If you follow HSS on Instagram, you may have noticed that Rob and I were in NYC last week shooting a special project that we'll be publishing on Monday. You may have also noticed that I was sporting a little something on my upper lip. A mustache isn't something I've ever worn regularly, but I was interested in trotting it out as a different feature of my personal style as well as a way to start a conversation. So, let's talk about it.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

Discuss: Designer Aesthetic v. Personal Tailoring

Without fail, any time I decide to publish a look with one of my Brooks Brothers Black Fleece blazers, there are some people who love it, and some who hate it. Recently, one of my most ardent and prolific critics on Instagram left the following comment on this photo: "Jacket and sleeves too short, button stance too high, making everything look unbalanced." I pointed out that other than his final critique, he'd just described the Thom Browne aesthetic to a T. There will always be a gap between a designer's vision and our own personal tailoring ideal. When is it okay to let go of tailored "perfection" in place of a designer's aesthetic? Let's talk about it. Men's Style Guide Blog Menswear Fashion Grooming Lifestyle Travel Cocktails He Spoke Style  VIEW MORE ▶︎


My opinion about eyeglass frames has evolved over the years. I used to be very much a one-frame kind of guy. I liked the idea that your frames defined you and your style to a certain extent. It wasn't uncommon for me to wear the same frames for five, six, or seven years straight, only changing them when it was time for a new prescription. And when it came time for that, I always enjoyed the thrill of searching for something unique that I could claim as my own. These days, however, I'm much more open to having a few different pairs to suit my mood or outfit. I currently have three different frames. My Bellagios I've had the longest. I got my Persols back in October, which I generally reserve for more serious looks or when I want to make a statement. And my Tom Fords are the most recent addition. Somebody told me that they make me look a lot smarter. Ha. Thanks, buddy! How about you? Are you a one frame kind of guy or do you like to switch it up? Men's Style Blog Men's Style Guide Menswear Fashion Lifestyle Travel Cocktails Grooming He Spoke Style  VIEW MORE ▶︎

The Rules of Style

Sometime around 300 BC, the Greek mathematician Euclid published a mathematic and geometric treatise entitled Elements, a collection of definitions, proofs, and theorems. Among its contents was the idea that two parallel lines will never intersect. Doesn't matter how far you extend them, they're never going to touch. Ever. Though he couldn't prove it, for centuries this idea was taken as truth, as a rule. However, in the early 19th century, two other pioneering mathematicians—János Bolyai from Hungary and Nikolai Lobachevsky from Russia—said, "Hey, what if this isn't true?" Their questioning, which showed that two parallel lines can in fact intersect, led to the birth of a new branch of mathematics called spherical geometry.  VIEW MORE ▶︎

It’s On Sale: Should You Buy It?

Let's take a moment to talk about want v. need. I need food and water (and coffee) to survive. I want a 1965 Aston Martin DB5 Vantage convertible. If I was going to choose which to spend my money on, the answer is fairly obvious. However, when the big sale season rolls around, it can sometimes become a little difficult to distinguish between want and need. Sales are a great time to save a buck (or a couple hundred of them), but it's important to not be hypnotized or blinded by large percentages off or slashes though thousand-dollar price tags. So in the spirit of staying grounded, level-headed, and sane during this sale season, here are five questions to ask yourself before pulling the trigger. Men's Style Blog Men's Style Guide Menswear Fashion Grooming He Spoke Style  VIEW MORE ▶︎


There is so much in music that words cannot express. Yet, at the same time, there are concrete scientific principles that contribute to its ability to connect with us, to make us feel emotion, to make us dance. Take harmony, for example. In order for chords to sound in tune, small adjustments have to be made to each note. Some notes need to be sharper, some flatter. And depending on the kind of chord, these adjustments can be rather drastic. It's the laws of nature. Is knowing this information critical to being a great musician? Not necessarily—though it can certainly be helpful. Men's Style Blog Men's Style Guide Menswear Fashion Grooming He Spoke Style  VIEW MORE ▶︎