1 Piece/5 Ways: Brown Three-Piece Suit

When building a suit wardrobe, always start with the basics – a solid navy and charcoal grey should be every guy’s first and/or second suit. Once you’ve got those bases covered, think about expanding. Your third suit is a good one to begin thinking about patterns, like plaid or pinstripes. But if you want to stay with a solid color, consider brown. It’s surprisingly versatile, and now that it’s fall, perfect for the season. Here, I’ve rounded up five ways to wear a brown three-piece suit.

1. Three-Piece: Vintage Chic

Brown Three-Piece Suit - He Spoke Style
This Yves Saint Laurent three-piece suit was a vintage find during a trip to LA this past summer. I’ve never been lucky at vintage or thrift stores, and was pretty excited to find this gem. I paid homage to its vintage origins with some styling that would have been right at home in the 1970s, but looks just as chic today. Click to read the full post.

2. Two-Piece: Funky Business

Brown Three-Piece Suit - He Spoke Style
By nature, a brown suit has a lot more character than a basic navy or grey. Play this up in a business setting with a with bold paisley tie and some pattern mixing. Click to read the full post.

3. Waistcoat & Pants: Casually Dapper

Brown Three-Piece Suit - He Spoke Style
My favorite underutilized three-piece suit separate combo. An easy way to look casually dapper, especially when it’s a little too hot for a blazer. Click to read the full post.

4. Waistcoat Separate: Layered Up

Brown Three-Piece Suit - He Spoke Style
As always, the piece in any three-piece suit that gets you the biggest bang for your buck is the waistcoat. Add one whenever possible. The minimal investment for a waistcoat as part of a three-piece suit pays huge style dividends.

A brown waistcoat is perfect for fall layering and provides a neutral foundation that lets richly-colored accessories to really stand out. Click to read the full post.

5. Pants Separate: Date Night

Brown Three-Piece Suit - He Spoke Style
Ditch the chinos and dark denim. A suit pant as a separate looks dressed up and refined if it’s in a fabric that pairs well with the other pieces in your outfit. And a brown suit pant works perfectly with more rugged items, like a chambray shirt and a chunky shawl cardigan. Click to read the full post.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

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