How To Wear A Bold Pattern Blazer

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Adds the perfect sharp casual look to your wardrobe.

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Windowpane Blazer from Nikky New York.

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Stand out without shouting "look at me!"

A straight-forward approach to the bold blazer

Spring is an exciting time, style wise, for me personally. Packing away all of my heavy wool suits and sweaters, I’m thrilled to start experimenting with more breathable and spring-weight jackets.

Over the last few years, I’ve built a collection of bold pattern blazers to introduce a bit of panache in an otherwise classic wardrobe. Owning this type of jacket is a great way to mix up your style when you want to make a statement. I’ll show you how I go about wearing a bold pattern blazer and why its essential to own at least one.

bold pattern blazer outfit idea 2019

I love wearing an eye-catching jacket like this one. It’s not a jacket I can wear very often (maybe only one to two times a season) but when I do, I know I’m going to receive a bunch of compliments. Minding the occasion, a jacket like this is a conversation starter so be ready for the added attention.

bold pattern blazer outfit idea 2019

The key to wearing a blazer with a bold pattern is to dress with subtlety. This is not the time to go full dandy. Forget extras, like gaudy lapel flowers, wooden bracelets, or funky tie bars. Keep it minimal. The focus should be on the well-tailored jacket and your personal demeanor.

bold pattern blazer outfit idea 2019bold pattern blazer outfit idea 2019

 | WEARING | Nikki New York Windowpane Jacket, Kamakura Dress Shirt, Gap White Chinos, Red Linen/Cotton Tie, Eyebuy Direct sunglasses, Johnston & Murphy tassel loafer | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Christian Hernadez

Don’t overthink it. A great starched white shirt provides a simple palette for you to build upon. You already own one and it’s an easy choice if you’ve never worn a bold blazer like this. Pairing this jacket with a pair of white chinos or light grey trouser is ideal. I always have several pairs of solid color trousers on hand to mix with different patterned jackets during the spring season.

bold pattern blazer outfit idea 2019

Wearing a tie isn’t required when donning a blazer like this, but if you do, make it something solid. Wearing cotton, linen or a simple silk knit would be a well-rounded choice. Lastly, loafers or slippers should be a repeat theme this spring. Investing in a great pair of loafer socks should be a priority, unless you would rather go sock-less.

bold pattern blazer outfit idea 2019

Wearing a bold blazer takes one major factor: confidence. Men are inherently afraid of breaking away from what they know. Owning a bold blazer or sport coat can allow you to freely express and explore your personal style while giving you a much needed break from the expected.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Steven D. Elliott
He Spoke Style


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  • Edwards Buice

    Thank you for you excellent advice on how to wear a bold pattern jacket. I have always believed when one wears a unique piece of clothing, it should be the focal point of the outfit.

    • Steven Elliott

      Agreed. Because of the color and pattern combination on this jacket, I lean towards a ‘less is more’ approach. Thanks for your comment!


  • Eric White

    This Shade of Blue is one of my favorite color, and the red marks on it really making it unique, though I think this is made for the especially vacation, what do you think?

    • Steven Elliott

      Hey Eric, its certainly not just for vacation but I wouldn’t wear this into the office. You don’t however have to feel guilty wearing it in other situations.


    • Dan Ionescu

      It looks good.

  • Kelvin

    Thank you for your advice about to wear a jacket. And in all images its look very good and defiantly i want to wear like it.

  • megrly

    To look stylish you have to choose new fashion day to day fashion. so keep your style updated day to day.

  • Uppity White Man

    Where were you 25 years ago when I needed you? All I went by was Malloy’s, Dress for Success.