It’s the middle of the week and end of the day. How you position that in your mind is a classic glass half full or glass half empty sort of proposition. Personally, I’m feeling a little bit of both.

The half empty part is that I’m seriously drained. We were in NYC shooting more video content for our new video series – which, by the way, we launch tomorrow – and I arrived home super late last night while still having to get up early.

But the glass half full part is the week’s almost over and there’s some fun stuff going on this weekend. And did I mention the new video series we’re launching tomorrow? Sorry, it’s something we’re extremely excited about and is kind of game-changing for us.

So, whether you’re tired or charged up, you’re gonna need something to read tonight. Here are some links that caught my attention this week.

• Warning: serious closet envy imminent.

• Everyone’s favorite Brooks Brothers sale starts tomorrow: save 25% off everything during the Friends & Family event.

• Staple of every man’s wardrobe: the white button up. You’ve got to have a few different options. But which one is the best fit for your body type?

• This is definitely one of the keys pieces when it comes to transitional style.

• Believe it or not, Yves Saint Laurent hated fashion.

• Grooming is like the unsung hero of men’s style – hanging out behind the scenes but making a big impact. If you also believe that, these are the things you need to do to make sure you’re covering all your bases.

Man buns are holding it down in Brooklyn. Yeah, for now. I’m glad I won’t ever look back at a photo of myself and wonder, “What was I thinking?” Kids these days.

This is like the shaving version of The Dating Game.

• Ever wonder which apps top Instagrammers use to edit their photos? Grant Legan shares some of his favorites.

• How many of these top 75 movies have you actually seen? My Netflix queue just got a bit longer.

The ultimate Bloody Mary? I don’t know. Sounds good, but personally, nothing comes close to the one on offer at Jeffrey’s Grocery.

• Any Key and Peele fans out there? Here are all 298 sketches ranked. I totally picked the winner.

• If you don’t feel like talking to your company, a noisy restaurant isn’t so bad, is it?

• This week’s WTF: in the 1970s, there were actually ads for cocaine.

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style


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